Warranty and Security

Prestige Ventures only works with suppliers who are members of the World Diamond Exchange Federation (WFDB) who are obliged to comply strictly with the rules and resolutions of the organization.

4we also work with suppliers who are active members of the DDE (Dubai diamond exchange). DDE with more than $40 billion in 2012 is the world’s third diamond trade center, subject to the same stringent rules as the WFDB.

We only offer investment in diamonds that have passed the Kimberley process.

The Kimberley process program is designed to provide means to certify diamonds as “undisputed”. It imposes a number of requirements to be able to classify them in this way and distinguish them from diamonds of the disputed origin. The Kimberley process not only stopped the influx of diamonds from disputed origins, but also helped stabilize countries at risk of internal conflict and increase the income of poor governments by introducing a large number of diamonds into the legal market.

The Kimberley process provides an assurance to diamond buyers that their purchase does not finance war or contribute to human rights violations.

Certification is often understood as “fifth C” and allows investors to buy diamonds without direct visual verification. The certificate confirms the quality and value of the diamond. All our diamonds are certified by the world’s most renowned gemology laboratories, GIA, IGI or HRD.

Each pink Argyle diamond over 0,15 carat has a laser inscription with a serial number. Argyle Pink features Prestige Ventures, plus an additional Argyle certificate to guarantee their origin, offering confidence and guarantee of prestigious purchase. In addition to Argyle diamond certification, it is also a GIA certified company.

At Prestige Ventures, we pay particular attention to the safety of our customers. The documentation you receive has been prepared to ensure your security at every step of the transaction. As a business ethics company and subject to a financial institution regulated by the KNF, we require our customers to provide proof of identity documents in connection with the Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing Act. We encourage you to review the complete documentation required to complete the transaction before making your purchase decision. If you are in any doubt, please contact us.

A diamond and certificate may be accompanied by an official diamond valuation prepared by the International Geologic Laboratory (IGL). This valuation will confirm the actual value of the stone you have purchased on the global retail market. Prestige Ventures will ensure that you always offer you a stone at a competitive price to the market price.
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