Increase in color diamonds according to the Fancy Color Index

The data from the third Fantasy Color Index (diamond) published by the Fancy Color Research Foundation showed an increase in the value of fantasy color diamonds. Although white diamonds have fallen by 4-6%, color stones have remained stable and certain maple types even gained values between January and April 2015. Key segments that have seen price increases of more than 2% over the period include 1fantastic and intense blue, 3ct intense blue and 1.5t fancy yellow.
Ephraim Zion, a member of the board of the FCRF said: “It is very encouraging for our members that they can see a solid increase in the value of the fantasy of color diamonds, among which they are particularly well-suited to the fantasy and intense blue”. “By comparing and analyzing sales data from important trade centers, we are able to provide a much better understanding of how color diamonds are dealt with. This gives our members a growing sense of confidence and comfort in the color trade of diamonds.” A complete data analysis for each category is available to the FCRF members at

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