Director de Beers: “the diamond market has favorable global negotiations”

De Beers, Philippe Mellier, Executive Director of the Group, is optimistic about the future of global diamond trade. In support of its position, it provides figures for 2014, when the total value of diamonds sold reached USD 81 billion. This is a record result, which can be surprising when we consider markets such as the US that are only rising after the economic crisis. Mellier, in a flutful speech on 5 June 2015 in Las Vegas, considered this to be proof that “the diamond dream is still alive”.

The reason for optimism for the boss de Beers was not only a record sum of sales, but also the fact that demand growth was recorded in each of the five largest diamond markets, which together account for 75% of global sales. Melllier believes that the most important of these markets is the US, as the most mature and stable. Here, the reasons for enthusiasm are a 7% increase in demand per year. This, together with the noticeable correlation between GDP growth expected in the United States and demand for diamonds, gives reason to believe that the US share of the global diamond market will soon return to pre-recession levels.

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