De Beers: The extraction of diamonds becomes more difficult once.

De Beers says that the extraction of diamonds is becoming more difficult and costly once. In its 2014 public Report, the Belgian tentat mentions three main findings of the increase in prices for the mining of diamonds and their capital intensity. Firstly, global demand for capital goods would increase the price of the equipment needed to extract diamonds. In parallel, the exposatijne costs in many areas rich in deposits have increased high. For example, electricity has increased significantly, in many countries that produce large amounts of diamonds by up to 11-14% over a period of 10 years.

The second factor influencing price increases is that diamond mining must dig in every deeper and more difficult area of existing deposits. Furthermore, new projects are starting to be implemented in every further corner of the world, including the Arctic. This obviously means a much greater complexity of the operation as a whole, and therefore greater expenditure. All these factors must also be passed on to the prices of the stones themselves, which must reflect the increasing costs. With the price, the complexity of diamonds is also increasing, which will undoubtedly remain one of the most desirable products on Earth.

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