Blue diamond breaks sales records

The sales of this stone caused a lot of movement. De Beers Millennium Jewel 4 is not only uniquely sized for blue diamonds, perfect yet unique oval chills, if (Internal Flawless) purity and the very rare “fancy vivid vivid Blue” color. It also comes from one of the most famous mines in the world, Cullinan Mine, located in South Africa. This jewel was part of the Millennium Jewels collection, created in 2000 by the world-famous de Beers brand and made available to visitors to the Millennium Dome in London.
The collection includes 11 extremely rare precious stones, 10 blue diamonds and one colorless with an impressive 203,04 carat. It was a little missing, and this valuable collection would be stolen. In November 2000, a resolution was planned to end the theft, which would make all the gems disappear and would add up to GBP 350 million to the perpetrators. This was frustrated by the officers of Metropolitan Police. Thieves were caught in the hot work when they tried to rob the diamond counterfeits prepared for this occasion and then run on a motorboat down the Thames.
All the perpetrators who were not abated were sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment. Diamond has ever reached the highest price paid for diamond at the Asian auction, sold for US$31.8 million, US$3.151.561 for carat, Sotheby’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Spring Meeting. Source: Israel Diamond

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