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Prestige Ventures offers an extremely wide range of fantastic diamonds at competitive prices, including Argyle’s highly desirable pink diamonds. From the most frequently extracted yellow diamond to the pink diamonds, you’ll find every color of the tens of thousands of colored stones in our range, providing the highest average rates of return to the rare, intense red stones. In addition, the range includes all shapes, weights and cleanliness stones available on the world markets on the day of purchase. With direct access to the database, we can try to meet every customer’s request in real time. We only provide advice on stones certified by internationally recognized organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the International Geological Institute of Culture (IGI). All of us have successfully completed the Kimberley process and have been released as undisputed diamonds. Prestige Ventures places particular emphasis on ensuring that the potential customer is safe from the time of purchase until the diamond is delivered. The diamond is insured at all times for the full amount of its value. The procedures for transporting and delivering stone have been analyzed in detail to ensure investor peace of mind when waiting for delivery.we also have a secure financial flow through cooperation with a payment institution directly supervised by the Financial supervision Commission. We also offer a range of related services that help you and your customers accelerate the process of buying a stone. Soon we will be able to offer an innovative service on the Polish market, which will ensure that the investor will not be charged VAT on the purchase of the diamond, which will, of course, be the case when the investor decides to put such a stone on the stock exchange in order to raise his investment. For your safety, we only work with suppliers who are members of the World Diamond Exchange Federation (WFDB)our advice is undergoing mandatory multi-week training on color investment diamonds before they are allowed to talk to a potential investor to provide the most accurate answers to your questions. Prestige Ventures do not practice the inarant sale or solicitation of customers. We would like to invite you to contact us and to view the Prestige Ventures in detail.

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