The colors of diamonds

Some of the most popular and rare stones include diamonds with pink color. More than 90% of the pink diamonds in the world come from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia. On average, only about 50 stones are reserved for the “Pink Diamond tender”, known as the most exclusive diamond auction in the world. For each million unground diamonds produced in mines, only one carat is suitable for sale in this tender.
Every year, around 100 selected customers representing individual diamond retailers, jewelry manufacturers and luxury retailers are invited to view collections from invitations to tender in different places in the world. Since 1984, only 750 stones of average weight of 1 carat have been sold. Their prices have reached between 100,000 and more than $1,000,000 per carat.
Josephine Archer, manager Argyle Pink Diamond, believes that this exceptional uniqueness is generating such high prices for the Argyle pink diamonds, and their rarity and price is set to increase even further when Argyle’s mine is closed in 2020. Even if a new source is discovered, it will take 10 years to move from discovery to production.
Red diamonds are even less common than pink diamonds. They are the most rare among the colorful diamonds and only a handful of them are classified as “fancy red diamond” (red diamond in its most pristine form).
Blue and green diamonds are also very rare among the colored diamonds. Some of the most popular diamonds in the world are these colors, Diament hope, Dresden Green and Transvaal Blue. Blue and green diamonds are also sold at prices, for example the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels & Jadeite 2007 auction in Hong Kong, where a brilliant blue diamond with a Emerald and an intrinsic pristine quality, weighted at 6.04 carat, was sold at $7.98 million.
Diamond is a carbon that has been processed by high temperatures and pressures for billions of years The youngest diamond is estimated to be at least 990 million years old, although some are estimated to be as much as 4.25 trillion years.
The hidden diamonds which are hidden deep in Earth are only revealed after the eruptions of volcanoes force molten rocks onto the Earth’s surface. Only a small amount of diamonds will survive this extraordinary journey. Diamonds that are very clean are rare. It is estimated that only around 20% of all diamonds extracted from the mine are of a sufficiently high degree of purity to be considered suitable for use as precious stones. Even less and more beautiful than colorless diamonds are naturally colored diamonds. Only one color diamond carat is available for every 10,000 colorless diamonds.
Colored diamonds may occur when small quantities of other elements are present or when there are atomic scale defects in the diamond structure. Yellow and orange diamonds are caused by nitrogen in the structure and blue diamonds are due to their boron presence color. The presence of hydrogen produces unique shades of violet. The huge pressure exerted on the diamond deep in the Earth can change the structure of the diamond to create a red, pink, purple or brown diamond. Natural radiation on previously developed diamonds for millions of years can give a green color.
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