Diamonds classification

The weight of diamonds is measured in carat. One carat is 0.2 grams. The term “carat” comes from locust beans and is the old measure used in the Arab countries. Colorless and colored diamonds are weighed in the same way, although due to the extremely rare occurrence of color diamonds, their price is many times higher. However, it is worth pointing out that color is much more important than weight for color diamonds – a small red diamond, which is one of the rare stones, will often be more expensive and more valuable than a large yellow diamond.

The first three color classes (dark, very light and bright) are used in the evaluation of color diamonds other than yellow. Other color classes including fantasy, playful intense and playful Vivid are used to describe all colors (including yellow).

Colored diamonds are formed when there are small quantities of other elements or if they contain present defects in the structure at the atomic level.

Yellow and orange are formed due to the presence of nitrogen in the structure, while blue is due to the presence of boron. The presence of hydrogen creates unique shades of violet. The huge pressure exerted on the diamond deep into the earth may miscompress its structure, creating a red, pink, violet or brown stone, while natural radiation affecting diamonds already created for millions of years can give them a green color.

Sanding is one of the most important things when selecting colored diamonds. Circular solid blanc e is the most popular shape given to colorless diamonds, while colored diamonds are usually ground into different invented shapes to extend the path of light and thus intensify the color.

The amount, size, origin and location of internal and external imperfections, known as flaws, determine the degree of transparency of the diamond. Transparency is one of the most important components in the valuation of a colorless diamond. Color diamond with greater clarity is usually more valuable than it has a lower transparency, but scases can sometimes intensify color.
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