Colorful history

Whether it is part of the crown jewels collection or you can see them at the museum exhibition, the colorful diamonds continue to shine throughout the centuries.

The rare colored diamonds in history are fantasy diamonds, they feature flawless beauty, perfect color, and the history of their creation and their stay from the deepest corners of the land to the present owner is often fascinating. “first, colored diamonds have an equally colorful history,” says Richard Buonomo, dealer of antique jewelry and diamonds. “ TE stones, acc. Buonomo, the former “like Rembrandt”, appeared “once from the great bell” and as soon as they appeared, were misappropriated by the monarchy.


(…) Lee Siegelson, President and owner of Siegelson, the jewelry house in New York, who specializes in small collections, says that “every jewelry that hides behind a story, whether it is a romantic or tragic story, is saved in the memory of people, people want to know, who was the previous owner of the jewel and who had the opportunity to be contacted, especially when we talk about gems passed on to themselves by generations that had different owners and buyers. This story tells people that diamonds are eternal and transgenerational, passed from country to country, from one ruler to another. (…)

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