A collection of Margaret Adderley Kelly jewelry sold by Christie’s for 10 millions of dollars

All 28 flights from the collection of busineschman and philanthropka, Margaret Adderley Kelly, were sold for nearly USD 9.8 million, almost twice as expensive as estimated. Three items from this collection were included in the top 10 of the Tuesday auction sales, including the most significant cooker hood:21,71t from Kashmir, sold for almost USD 4.2 million, which was also almost double the previous estimates. Named “the Kelly Sapphire”, was sold for $193,000/carat before the auction.

It is placed in the breast of Cartier, at the side of two diamond-shaped diamonds. Other prominent private collections were: Art Deco necklace with 16,24 carat pear-shaped diamonds, D-color and if purity level, which was sold for more than $2.2 million (2 million in earlier estimates); and the burmese necklace with diamonds and ruby, which was sold for usd 845 thousand, contrary to the previous forecasts of 600 thousand.

MS Kelly, together with her husband and son, brought her work agency and recruitment company Kelly Services Inc. to the Fortune 500 Home Aut Christie’s ranking, totaling $27.6 million for 230 flights. This was the last auction of the spring-season of the double house. The most profitable collections of colorful jewels and diamonds, as well as of embedded white diamonds. The highest sales this evening was 80,73 carat Diafmont, which was sold at the height of “cushion” and color of K, and was estimated at 3.8 million dollars. The buyer of this stone was the SIBA corporation. Other major acquisitions include:
  • 9.97ct of Kashmir intense sapphire, cushion-shaped (Cuhsion), sold for USD 1.1 million,
  • 27.83ct a fantasy yellow diamond, with a clear VS2 and cushion shape, sold for USD 857 thousand,
  • 25.82ct of Ceylon’s rectangular sapphire, sold for USD 845 thousand, despite previous estimates of half a million dollars,
In addition to the latest results of the auction, DOM Christies generated a total of 69.5 millionadolars in the first half of 2015.

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