Natural Color Diamond Association Conference

The challenges and opportunities faced by wholesalers and retailers were the subject of a recent JCK show in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas event also hosted a discussion panel organized by the New York natural Color Diamond Association (NCIA). The topic was colored diamonds and how vendors can use them to grow their business. According to NCDIA, naturally colored diamonds are the “fastest growing segment of the jewelry industry” and can potentially generate “unprecedented profits” for retailers.

In line with this, there are news from Australia, where local retailers are signaling an increase in demand for color diamonds. Moulin Shah, Director of World Shiner said: “Although the demand for color diamonds will always vary depending on the fashion of current trends, we have recently seen an increase in popularity.” At that time, Brett bolton, director of bolton GEMS, who sells diamonds and other adhesives, estimates that today’s demand is at least 6 times higher than 4 years ago. Bolton also noticed. That the prices of colored diamonds are much more varied than those colorless, and that is precisely because of the additional factor that makes a significant impact on the valuation – color.

“For colored diamonds] you do not purchase a rating or certificate. You buy a particular stone, its history, what you love – and that is the difference,” Bolton said. He also noted that consumers were often more often looking for “special” and “other” diamonds than traditional white stone. “Vendors can do a lot in color diasporas and demand will continue to grow.” He added: “The market is not even close to saturation”.

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