"Diamenty najlepszymi przyjaciółmi kobiety."

Prestige Ventures

Inwestycja, wsparcie, profesjonalizm


Prestige Ventures is the former name of the West Financial House Sp. Z o.o., DF West offers in addition to Prestige Ventures, direct access to current collections, containing thousands of diamonds with fantastic colors. Natural colored diamonds have an unusual rare occurrence compared to colorless diamonds. 98% of extracted diamonds have only 2% color. The return on investment in such diamonds exceeds the return rates quoted in traditional financial investments, several or even several times. Stable returns range from 14% to 55% per year. The purchase of colored diamonds may not only be an excellent alternative to uncomparably more expensive jewelry diamonds, but above all, an intraent and secure investment. The investment in diamond is a guarantee in itself, because the customer has all the capital invested physically, representing the real value of the investment in the world’s most concentrated wealth, diamond. Prestige Ventures not only offers exclusive access to “hot” diamonds available in world markets, we also provide personalized services and innovative solutions in the Polish market, including the possibility of storing diamonds in a duty-free treasure and matching diamonds into pairs.

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